Chiropractic Techniques

“Our mission is to provide our community with excellent chiropractic care,
thereby supporting and enhancing healthy lifestyles.”


Our doctors have a wide range of chiropractic techniques, including manual and instrument adjusting, and soft tissue techniques. With years of experience we draw on these skills to adjust to the individual needs of our patients.


scanner picChiropractic can be described as dealing with balance and tension. Our spines, hence our bodies fall out of balance, causing tension on our nerve system. We utilize nerve scanning technology, that accurately measures the degree of tension held in the spine, and helps us track our patients’ progress.





footmaxx (1)Dr. McCallum has 20 years experience assessing and fitting orthotics. Carefully formed to address the unique challenges of your feet, gait and posture, Footmaxx Custom-made orthotics give you the stability you need to reduce stress and strain on your feet and joints, from the ground up.