Adjusting the Nervous System

Here is a straightforward model that explains at least partly, how chiropractic affects so much more than symptoms, and in fact can affect our very nervous system.

Our brain, of course, can be thought of as a massive computer, and like a computer, it works on the basis of incoming information being analysed, then outgoing information being sent to target organs. Important sources of incoming information are the capsules that surround all of our joints. Joint capsules are crammed with proprioceptive nerve endings, which give information about joint position and movement, which the brain uses to coordinate muscle activity, balance, and everything else involved in locomotion.

The capsules of the spinal joints are especially rich in proprioceptors. Every time there is movement, information flows to specific areas of the brain. If a problem develops in the proper mobility and range of motion in a spinal joint, due to injury, postural imbalance, repetitive stress, or countless other reasons, (we call this subluxation), the amount of information being sent to the brain from that joint is decreased. Of course, there is a resultant loss of outgoing messages to this region. As these back and forth signals decrease, the result is a joint that forgets how to move, its tissues undergo cellular changes, and local muscle dysfunction develops. As well, as the specific area of the brain responsible for that joint becomes inactive, it is quickly taken over by adjacent functional areas. The brain changes!!

The chiropractic adjustment is based on finding the dysfunction in the spinal segments, and returning proper movement. As function returns to the joint, those nerve pathways begin to reassert themselves. As muscles ‘wake up’ and begin to function properly, more information is fed to the brain, and the process of coordination and balance can resume. Areas of the brain regain their function.

This helps to build the case for regular spinal checks. And it’s a long way from ‘My back’s out again doc, I need a crack!’

Here’s another article on the importance of movement and activity.

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