Why Regular Care?

Earlier in my career, I wanted to fix everyone. I loved the diagnostic challenge of finding the specific musculoskeletal problem, then using various techniques to get rid of it. You may be thinking, ‘well, isn’t that what doctors do?’, and of course you would be right.

But as the years went by, and as I would see the same issues recurring in the same patients, or similar problems in groups of people with similar occupations or habits, the teachings of my chiropractic education held true.

I don’t really ‘cure’ that much. I do assess the balance, asymmetries, and nerve tension of my patients, and then adjust them to restore joint mobility, balance, and reduce that tension, enabling the body to correct itself. That is chiropractic in a nutshell to me.

To expect that the state of perfect balance will last in our sedentary, stressed, and some times rough and tumble lives, is, I think folly. That is why the chiropractic model makes sense to me. If I am able to check someone’s spine regularly, and adjust where necessary, I know balance and tension issues, along with all the nasty symptoms they bring, do not get time to develop, and I’ll have a healthier, happier patient.

That’s why everyone who has seen me in my office has heard me say at one point, ‘You’re doing well, we’ll see you back here in a month.’

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